Readings for Artworkers 2014: on poverty of project-making

Time: 23rd of October 2014, 6 pm
Venue: A-I-R Laboratory, CCA Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw, Jazdów 2
Seminar on texts by feminist economists J.K. Graham-Gibson and manifesto of Temporary Services 
Convened by Kuba Szreder, in cooperation with Brave New Alps, Asli Cavusoglu and Maja Bekan (current residents of A-I-R)
(semminar will be held in English)
During the seminar, we will reflect upon the diverse economies of contemporary art, by reading fragments from the feminist economist theory of J.K. Graham-Gibson. In their writings, Graham-Gibson emphasise the open-ended and complex nature of economy, not conflated with the capitalistic circuits of capital accumulation and wage labour. Diverse economy denotes the economic landscape populated by monetary and non-monetary, capitalistic and non-capitalistic, waged and non-waged, mainstream and alternative modes of transactions, types of labour and forms of resources.
Texts for the seminar:
J.K. Graham-Gibson, Creating a Language of Economic Diversity [in:] "A Postcapitalist politics", pp. 53 - 79
Temporary Services, Independence proceeds from Interdependence [in:] "A Guidebook for Alternative Nows", ed. Amber Hickey, pp. 11-13
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 Together, we will discuss whether their theoretical scheme can be applied to the contemporary art network, especially in relation to their concept of economic interdependency, a foundational idea of their programme of community economics. Graham-Gibson emphasise that the fundamental interdependence of economic subsystems, agents or practices needs to be recognised and acted upon in order to constitute more egalitarian and mutually beneficial economies. In this regard, we will refer to the short text of Temporary Services, an artistic collective from Chicago, who proclaims that '(artistic and organisational) independence proceeds from interdependence'.

The meeting is part of the cycle “Readings for Artworkers", organized since 2009 by Free/Slow University of Warsaw. This year, our conversations circulate around crucial theoretical texts concerning various aspects of artistic production in late capitalism. Not only are the seminars an occasion to learn of these theories, but also an opportunity to exchange experiences and collectively reflect on the conditions of work and life of contemporary cultural producers.
This year’s series of seminars is focused around such issues as: project-making as mode of cultural production; the dark matter of art; the factory of creativity and an artistic mode of production; poverty, precariousness and costs of project-making; bio-political work and sabotage of artistic production; art as a common resource.
The series is convened by Kuba Szreder, one of the founders of Free/Slow University of Warsaw, independent curator and art theoretician. Current session is organised together with Brave New Alps, Asli Cavusoglu and Maja Bekan, residents of AIR.
Readings are organized in cooperation with Free/Slow University of Warsaw, Bęc Zmiana Foundation and A-I-R Laboratory.
The seminar will be preceded by a short introduction, which brings closer the 
texts and the subjects discussed.
The seminar is supported by the stipend of Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage